Pause awhile…

I had been writing since last year about cancer treatments, which are improving at breathtaking speed. Fifty posts done (including this post, ha3), still long way to go before achieving 100 posts (my target/ KPI), ha3 But, I need to slow down a little to review back all the articles that I wrote, update some of…… Continue reading Pause awhile…

Cancers Can Be Cured

Above is one of the chemotherapy that is used to fight against many different types of cancer. It’s effective in curing cancer at early stages, controlling advanced cancer and providing patients with symptoms relief at late stage.  Instead, patients choose apricot seed, snake grass leaves, Vit B17 or others. There is always newer ‘treatments/ supplements’…… Continue reading Cancers Can Be Cured

Advanced/ Stage 4 Lung Cancer: Immunotherapy in 2nd line treatment.

The above are called immune checkpoint inhibitors (nivolumab, pembrolizumab, atezolizumab) that target and bind to PD-1 or PD-L1, denying PD-1 and PD-L1 linkage. PD-1 is receptors on activated T-cells while PD-1 ligand, PD-L1, is present in normal cells (and also in some tumor cells). Linkage of PD-1 and PD-1 ligand (PD-L1) will cause T-cells to…… Continue reading Advanced/ Stage 4 Lung Cancer: Immunotherapy in 2nd line treatment.

Complaint. Explanation. Understanding?

Our government is doing its very best to provide quality yet affordable healthcare for all. Affordable doesn’t mean it should be free. Affordable means ‘reasonably priced’ and at lower cost to patients. Expecting treatment for RM1 or RM5 or free is just not sustainable at all in the long term as the cost of treatment escalates…… Continue reading Complaint. Explanation. Understanding?

Lung Cancer Screening: Reducing Lung Cancer Death

Introduction In this study, participants aged 55-74 years old, who had history of cigarette smoking >30 years or former smokers who had quit within 15 years were screened using low-dose CT (LDCT) or chest X-ray (CXR), yearly for three consecutive years. Results Those who had yearly LDCT screening had higher number of lung cancer diagnosed…… Continue reading Lung Cancer Screening: Reducing Lung Cancer Death