Living Longer: Stage 4 Stomach Cancer (2nd line treatments)


Upon failure of first line treatment for advanced/ stage 4 stomach cancer, patients with good performance status will benefit from second line treatments.

Which agent(s), chemotherapy/ biologic or immunotherapy offer longest median OS in this setting?

Second-line Treatments

UPDATE (1/7/2018)

Third-line Treatments

For some select few patients, if the patient performance status remains good, there are also data on third line palliative treatments.

  • Docetaxel: medial survival 5.3 months
  • Irinotecan: median OS 4 months – 6.6 months
  • ONO-4538 study (Nivolumab): median OS 5.3 months
  • Apatinib: median OS 6.5 months
  • INTEGRATE trial (Regorafenib): median OS 5.8 months

That’s it. Just the important numbers of the treatments available. Immunotherapy is coming soon and there will be a lot more updates in the coming years to come.

UPDATE (13/3/2018)

So, far, immunotherapy results haven’t been as successful as in lung cancer. 

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