Rectal Cancer: Second Most Important Decision

Of course, before the surgery, other considerations such as pre-operative radiotherapy, pre-op chemo-radiotherapy, post-op radiotherapy, post-op chemo-radiotherapy, short course radiotherapy, long course radiotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy all need to be discussed with your oncologist in order to get the best outcome. The second most important decision after finding yourself a good colorectal surgeon is deciding on…… Continue reading Rectal Cancer: Second Most Important Decision

Rectal Cancer: Most Important Decision

Few weeks ago, my mom told me that she had per rectal bleeding. Expecting the worst, I maintained composure and remembered the first thing that I did. Actually, I was planning few things simultaneously for her such as getting an appointment for my mom for colonoscope, starting her on some medications but my first instinct…… Continue reading Rectal Cancer: Most Important Decision