Living Longer: Advanced Stage Liver Cancer (BCLC C)

Introduction Unfortunately, more than 2/3 of liver cancer patients are diagnosed at advanced stage liver cancer (BCLC C). Advanced stage liver cancer (BCLC C) consist(s) of: invasion into major liver blood vessels or/ and spread beyond the liver (lung, lymph nodes). Patients in BCLC C group will benefit from systemic treatment (also suitable for BCLC…… Continue reading Living Longer: Advanced Stage Liver Cancer (BCLC C)

Living Longer: Early Stage Liver Cancer (BCLC A)

Introduction For early stage liver cancer (BCLC A), average survival is around 36 months without treatment. BCLC A Early stage liver cancer (BCLC A) is when: Single liver tumor > 2cm or 3 liver tumors < 3cm each Good liver function (Child Pugh A) Good performance status Treatment options are: Liver tumor resection (if tumor…… Continue reading Living Longer: Early Stage Liver Cancer (BCLC A)

Understanding Liver Cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma – HCC)

Introduction In Malaysia, liver cancer ranked eighth most common cancer amongst Malaysian population, with males to female ratio around 2:1. Mostly, around 80%, present at late stages (III, IV). Risk factors Main risk of developing liver cancer is liver cirrhosis, which is liver impairment caused by scarring/ fibrosis of liver. One third of patients with…… Continue reading Understanding Liver Cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma – HCC)